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what is jetviewer
Burr IST
Most organisations spend considerable time and money, collecting and storing information in databases, accounts systems, MRP etc. This information is a valuable asset, but often it isn't possible to access this information quickly and easily enough to really add value to the business. JetViewer unlocks this information, putting the right data into the hands of decision makers, on demand.
Often decisions and discussions are driven by the standard reports generated from an organisation's IT systems, whereas with JetViewer you can access the right information to tackle the real current issues and priorities of your organisation - JetViewer gives you demand driven information.
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JetViewer understands the relationships within your data - presenting information in a simple and intuitive way.
“JetViewer allows us to get a real handle on our business - we can get at vital information in our systems to assess the effectiveness of projects and therefore optimise the cost benefit of our future spending.”
Mark Baxter, Head of Business Improvement Services, CITB ConstructionSkills.

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