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web access
The JetViewer client runs in a standard Web Browser with no need to install or download any software or addins. This means users can access information from any internet connected computer, anywhere in the world - provided they have a valid login and password of course! Data transfer between the client and server is protected by SSL security. JetViewer is regularly tested for compatibility with MS Internet Explorer 5+ and Mozilla Firefox.
JetViewer uses AJAX++ technology - object oriented Asynchronous Javascript and XML. This is how JetViewer manages to provide a rich, intelligent, user interface while maximising the speed of response - by keeping data transfer to a minimum. The JetViewer client incrementally downloads and stores information as it is required, building up a set of objects which can be accessed immediately when they are next needed.
The JetViewer server component is cross platform -implemented using standard release PHP, it is fully compatible with Apache and IIS Web Servers running under MS Windows and Linux. In fact JetViewer can be installed and configured remotely on most standard PHP enabled Web Servers.
JetViewer connects to data systems using both native and ODBC technology meaning you can access practically all common data sources.
MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, DB2, Access, PostgreSQL, SQLite, FoxPro, Excel, XML ...
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JetViewer - the visual interface for management and operational information.
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"I brought in Burr IST due to their reputation for innovation and solutions that work, when I saw JetViewer in action I knew it was the right decision.”
David Williams, Operations Manager, Jordan Grand Prix

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