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what is jetviewer
Burr IST
JetViewer is a web based system that connects to data sources within an organisation and presents the information in a single, simple user interface that allows users to query and report online. It is designed for non IT users to access exactly the information they need.
JetViewer builds up exceptionally powerful queries, step by step, without the user needing to understand the underlying systems.
Queries are built up using a number of simple individual criteria. The fields from your information sources are used to automatically define the filter options and JetViewer always shows you where you are and what you are looking at, at any point.
JetViewer allows you to easily create reports and charts online. You can store and reuse your report formats allowing you to build up a portfolio of reports which develop organically with your business needs, so your reporting is not restricted by predetermined parameters allowing you to focus on and identify business priorities.
All JetViewer reports can be transfered directly into office documents (e.g. Word and PowerPoint). As well as standard hierarchical reports, dynamic web reports and charts, information can also be exported as XML or CSV for importing into 3rd party applications.
Without requiring any changes to your exisiting systems, JetViewer gives you web access to your information. The JetViewer client runs in a standard Web Browser with no need to install or download any software or addins. This means users can access information from any internet connected computer, anywhere in the world - provided they have a valid login and password of course!
JetViewer uses AJAX++ technology - object oriented Asynchronous Javascript and XML. This is how JetViewer manages to provide a rich, intelligent, user interface while maximising the speed of response - by keeping data transfer to a minimum. The JetViewer client incrementally downloads and stores information as it is required, building up a set of objects which can be accessed immediately when they are next needed.
JetViewer supports all sorts of activities - from real time responses to customer enquiries to long term strategic planning - by providing comprehensive, flexible and transparent access to all the information held in an organisation's data systems.
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JetViewer puts the right information into your hands so you can make informed decisions quickly.
Minimise IT cost and effort.
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JetViewer understands the relationships within your data - presenting information in a simple and intuitive way.

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