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In many organisations it can be difficult to access all the information that could be available.
Information is in multiple places and systems

It's difficult to filter the relevant information from a mass of data

Different departments are interested in different information

It's difficult to get from one type of information to another

Employees resort to keeping their own ad hoc records to achieve the flexibility they need

There is no transparency between sites

JetViewer provides a single joined up view of the information in your IT systems that can be accessed from anywhere. JetViewer links between different types of data - suggesting and finding related information you might be interested in. Each user can easily filter information to find exactly what they want at any given moment. This gives a transparent view of an organisation's operations and information, allowing communication based on single, unified view across the whole enterprise.
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JetViewer puts the right information into your hands so you can make informed decisions quickly.
"JetViewer puts all our product and process information at our fingertips allowing us to give accurate, real time responses to our customers and sales force enquiries”
Julio Faria, Managing Director, Surface Transforms Plc

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