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JetViewer lets you trace entities through multiple business areas and systems. For example you could follow an order through sales, purchasing, production, quality and dispatch systems or follow a part from customer delivery back to processing, raw material batch and supplier.
JetViewer supports...

Quality control

Trouble shooting


Best practice



JetViewer is designed to let non IT people identify exactly the information they need.
You can easily filter to find exactly the item or items you want, JetViewer then lets you link to related information for the items you selected - for example all the invoices against an a set of orders; or all the subcomponents of a group of parts.
You can continue this process through the data following your thought processes or an audit trail - meanwhile JetViewer shows you where you are and what you are looking at, at any point.
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"The return on investment will come really very quickly."
Peter Young, Chief Accountant, Jordan Grand Prix.

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