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Often it can be difficult to make informed decisions due to the complexity of modern business and difficulty in accessing the right, unbiased, factual information. Analysis tends to be based on the information that is routinely presented rather than driven by the actual business need.
JetViewer changes all of this - providing comprehensive, flexible, demand driven, needs focused information.
Correctly target future business

Extract full benefit from existing opportunities

Predict costs based on historic data

Identify strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats

Examine projects, accounts, stock, customers, orders, personnel, technical data

and much more...

JetViewer cuts the cost, effort and lead time to accessing the right information so you can have the latest facts in your hands before making decisions - helping you to be competitive and ensuring a reputation for accuracy and efficiency.
JetViewer is designed to let non IT people identify exactly the information they need. You can access summary information, charts and reports and links to related information letting you follow lines of enquiry across multiple systems. You can build up an evolving set up queries and reports, relevant to your current priorities and needs.
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“In an increasingly competitive and cost conscious business JetViewer gives us a real edge.”
Richard O'Driscoll, Chief Financial Officer, Jordan Grand Prix.
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